Venice Teams


1.) Branda – Mobile app that helps a user to locate things around them.  Offers can range from an offer from a bar or a product in a store.  The concept is to learn the users behavior, as well as location to suggest things that a user likes given their taste and location.

2.) Hamlet – A friend, providing solutions when you need them.  A social web application to ask questions and get answers via crowd sourcing.  Basis of the application is the book “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki.

3.) GoWar – An iPhone app that is like RISK, it uses the Gowalla API and allows users to declare war on other locations.  Conquer Gowalla spots, declare war on your neighbors, build your empire.

4.) – An application that allows users to take a picture of their clothing and lets a users friends to post feedback if they like it or not.

5.) Greenpluggers – Lets people take control of their electricity consumption and aims to build the greatest energy savers social network.

6.) – A mobile app that allows users to view and edit the floor plan of a supermarket.  Users can quickly locate where a product is located in a store.  For example a user can search for apples and see the location of the apples within the store.